Learn to Brace

Nearly every coach or personal trainer worth their salt agrees that when lifting weights, it is important to learn good technique. However, while it’s important to learn the correct set-up and movement pattern for each exercise, an often overlooked and vital part of the process is learning to brace your core. Bracing your core is … Continue reading Learn to Brace

Supplements and Celebrities

I am increasingly drawn to the conclusion that the main purpose of celebrity these days is to sell or promote consumer goods to us. Not a day goes by without some new advertising campaign kicking off, and some bright and bushy tailed celebrity trying to convince us that our lives will not be fulfilled unless … Continue reading Supplements and Celebrities

Training on Unstable Surfaces – The Whys and Wherefores

Unstable surface training became popular in the 1990’s with the widespread use of exercise and BOSU balls, wobble boards and small inflated discs, among therapists and trainers. It is rare to find a gym these days that doesn’t have these items as standard equipment. However, they are widely misused by both those in the industry … Continue reading Training on Unstable Surfaces – The Whys and Wherefores

Why You Should Make Sure You Train Legs

 I have had the experience of observing many people training in gyms over the years. A common trend I see in many gym goers is doing minimal leg work or even worse none at all. The most ridiculous manifestation of this phenomenon is the guys who look like this. There are many reasons that men … Continue reading Why You Should Make Sure You Train Legs

Final Factors for Success in the Gym

Just to tidy up this series of blogs, there are a couple of other factors that can and will affect your success in the gym. While in my opinion these aren’t quite as important as the six I have already discussed, they are still important enough to merit discussion. Genetics will obviously have an important … Continue reading Final Factors for Success in the Gym