Just to tidy up this series of blogs, there are a couple of other factors that can and will affect your success in the gym. While in my opinion these aren’t quite as important as the six I have already discussed, they are still important enough to merit discussion.

Genetics will obviously have an important influence on your potential to build muscle and strength. Our genetic differences, although small, do determine this potential, but unfortunately, you just have to play with the hand you are dealt with.

No matter what your genetic potential, everybody can build muscle and strength though.

So since we are all different, you shouldn’t concern yourself with what other people are lifting in your gym. As an individual, unless you’re an athlete, are competing with nobody but your self. Focus on your own improvement.

Don’t get caught up with minutiae. Many people become overly concerned with things like exactly how many reps they should be doing, how long they should be training for, what supplements they should be taking, etc.

Although these issues aren’t unimportant, if you are relative beginner, stick to and master the basics before becoming concerned with more advanced methods.

Having an experienced, knowledgeable coach can make a huge difference to your progress. Such a coach can assess your current strengths and weaknesses, and develop a programme that is appropriate to you and your goals.

If you can’t afford a coach, then a more experienced training partner can act as a mentor and motivator.

So in conclusion, to maximise your success in the gym – be consistent, apply progressive overload, work hard, make good exercise choices, be patient and learn correct technique. Follow that path and achieve the success that may have been eluding you so far.

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