The fifth factor for success is patience.

If you have followed this series up to now you will know I have discussed that you have to be consistent in your training, apply progressive overload to it, put in some serious hard work and make good exercise choices. If you are following all of these, then be patient and the results will come.

Don’t expect muscle growth to happen in a matter of weeks though, and ignore all those programmes claiming you can have a fitness model’s body in 6 weeks. The vast majority of people who are in good shape, had to work hard over a significant period of time to get that way.

Partly this is due to the early adaptations to strength training, and the subsequent increase in strength being largely neuromuscular. What this means is that more connections are made between our nervous systems and our muscles, which allows these muscles to produce more force.

Therefore, patience is required to get through this stage, before significant muscle development starts to take place. So provided you apply all of the factors for success, then positive change will take place, just don’t expect it to happen overnight. It’s all about the long game, so stick at it.

2 thoughts on “Factors for Success in the Gym No. 5

  1. Hey Neil, I enjoyed reading your 5 factors for success!

    Please check out my recent blog post on the lessons i learnt spending a year as an intern in professional sport.

    All the best,


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